Love Our Byway – Lake Mille Lacs Scenic Byway Bus Tour

Lake Mille Lacs Scenic Byway Bus Tour & Lunch was held September 29, 2021.  The bus left the Onamia’s Depot Library at 9:30 am,  Stops included:

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park which included: Park Overview, Kathio National Historic Landmark, Homeland of Dakota, Ojibwe Petaga Point, Kathio Landmark Trail, Ogechie Lake natural history, Wild Rice: demise, restoration, and the Rum River.

Garrison Concourse which included:  Archaeological site, CCC Camps, and Lake Mille Lacs history

Garrison City Hall for Lunch

Wealthwood Public Access which included Glacial history, natural features, hogsback, etc.

Malmo Memorial Park which included Malmo site 21AK1 and more Lake Mille Lacs natural history

Scenic overlook drive through

Father Hennepin State Park which included the park overview, natural history of beach, shoreline and Father Hennepin Beach archaeological site

Onamia Depot on Shakopee Lake Road

Eddy’s lakeside /marina parking: Spirit Island which included glacial features and National Wildlife Refuge, 1915, 1920.

Nationally recognized folks shared what they know about tourism, archeology, geology and byway interpretation.
Goals of the Day included:
• Learned ways to communicate information about the Lake Mille Lacs Scenic Byway to its visitors
• Learned the origins of the historical, natural, and cultural resources, objects, and sites, and how to show them in the most compelling ways
• Connected local byway enthusiasts while taking in the 68-mile route via tour bus
• Enjoyed a beautiful autumn day along Lake Mille Lacs

Attached is a Power Point of the day.  Love Our Byways Power Point

Love Our Byways PDF

Love Our Byways Video

Thank you to our sponsors who made this a No-Cost-To-You Event.