Business Resource Library

We have put together several categories of business videos, articles, and links that may be helpful in building, maintaining, or expanding your business. Some are very short and some go into great depth. We hope you will find information and resources that work for your situation and availability of time.
Business Plan
Writing a business plan helps you cover the details and keeps you on track.
Getting Started
Dreaming of starting a business? Here are a few tips and guides to help you through.
Critical for business sustainability is understanding accounting. Get to know the basics.
Sales Plan
A good sales strategy will help you plan questions that identify needs and provide solutions.
Marketing Plan
Develop advertising strategies to sell your product or service to your target markets.
Finding and keeping employees is essential in any organization’s long-term success.
New customers are great but once you get them, keeping them is the greatest asset your business has.
Networking with people, businesses, and groups is an excellent way to grow your business.
Inspiration and ideas to keep things fresh or just some brush-up to get you back on track.