ECRTCC – Transportation Policy Action / Regulation Oversight

Develop a Task Force comprised of ECRTCC Advisory Board members, regional officials & political representatives to research state and federal policies that constrain forward action of active transportation in order to identify outdated, restrictive and obsolete legislative requirements and those which can be modified to allow rural transportation needs to be met.

• Charitable Reimbursement Rate,
• 1099 Law for income tax regarding reimbursement,
• Funding for vehicles that do not require CDLs. Recognize smaller vehicles that can incorporate a lift and can economically travel further (no load) to pick up riders in smaller quantities,
• Insurance issues regarding Vehicle Sharing Policies,
• Rally for Broadband in rural areas (access to TMCC),
• Understand the means in which our region’s counties assist with transportation needs within their borders for social service trips. Propose to those counties who do not – delivery to include solutions

Meeting Date Zoom/Mtg Information Meeting Notes
August 1, 2019 TRO meeting review 8-1-19
November 26, 2019 TRO meeting reivew 11-26-19
April 21, 2020 TRO meeting review 4-21-20
December 12, 2020  TRO/Policy Action meeting reivew- 12-12-20