Why is child care so important?
With continuous changing dynamics in the field of child care, including retirements of current providers, the ebbs and flows of providers who enter and exit the field, and the increasing need for child care, the Chisago County Child Care Committee is working to reduce the shortage of needed child care ‘slots’ (spots). Families in our area are being squeezed between going to work and taking care of their children every day. In today’s economy, most families have two working adults because parents don’t just want to work, they need to work. And to work, they need tohave child care. It’s essential. Chisago County needs more child care providers to alleviate the shortage.

Why Become a Child Care Provider?
Would you like to be at home with your own children as they grow? Can’t find appropriate child care for your children or child care you can afford? Ever dreamed of owning your own business and being your own boss?

Brighter futures begin with partnerships between caregivers and families, enabling both to achieve success.

  • The kids! It’s the best part of the job.
  • Your job is meaningful. Watch children in your care grow and develop new skills.
  • Not a desk job and no two days are ever the same.
  • Learn new skills from other child care providers as well as from training and professional development.
  • Create a stable job that is always be in demand.
  • Beat the weather – you won’t have to drive on bad weather days and can spend time outdoors on beautiful days with children.
  • No commute. No road construction. No worries about gas prices or wear and tear on your car.
  • Make a living without leaving home.

How can we assist you?
We will walk, hand in hand, with you as you open your business.
We have enlisted the help of partners and resources to assist with the business needs of child care providers – existing and start-ups – helping with finances, marketing, contracts, policies, staff, food programs, education, and all things related to child care.

Our Child Care Support Teams are steadfast in our efforts to work on behalf of the community and child care providers. We are committed to offering a variety of support, including creating a collaborative network for providers, providing essential training opportunities and resources, and creating efforts to reduce expenses for providers.

We continue to work at the city and county level to encourage incentives for the start-up of new child care businesses in the region. And we encourage area businesses and our community to support child care as a business, driver of the local economy, and fundamental to community vitality.

Business Help

Resources for Child Care Providers Training, Profitability, Marketing, and more.


Lending Resources for Financing Child Care & Female Owned Businesses

Strategic Planning

Econ Dev Strategy Supporting Child Care Options


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