Importance of Child Care in Economic Development and Workforce Strategy

Are you a business, non-profit or community organization?
Have you been affected by employees with children in day care?
Do you see employees late to work, absent from work, unable to be fully productive or work different shifts?

The challenges facing the child care industry have caused significant barriers for many workers and, as you can attest to, employers. Since the pandemic, child care providers and centers have struggled to staff up and operate at full scale in a reliable manner, causing major problems for not only U.S. workers but also the overall labor supply. Workers took unpaid or paid leave, cut their work hours, either left or lost their job, or decided they couldn’t look for a job.

These issues still stand today and significantly limit the availability of our workforce causing major problems for businesses looking for employees who can reliably show up to work.

What can you do?
Come and speak with us about potential solutions.
Together we can helping provide, subsidize, or facilitate better and more reliable child care.
The ideas are endless:

  • Provide child care as a fringe benefit that is very attractive to potential employees.
  • Are you able to provide financial or in-kind support? Sometimes this makes sense as a way of both helping employees while also helping the bottom line or the community.
  • Hold child care ‘slots’ (spots in a child care business) for employees.
  • Offer space in your building for a child care business.
  • Not only are the possibilities limitless, but they are also unique to each business. One size does not
    always fit all.

Let us help work through solutions and find resources that could help your employees and in the end, help you.

Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs & Pine Strategic Planning Committees have been formed to support new & existing child care options. The committees are working diligently to identify potential solutions that will assist in increasing child care options and available slots for their communities, as well as to support existing providers. Please reach out to these community committees for information and/or assistance.

Chisago County
Nancy Hoffman

Isanti County
Lowell Becker

Kanabec County
Kirstin Faurie

Mille Lacs County
Lainy Hoskins

Pine County
Lezlie Sauter

East Central Regional Development Commission
Economic/Community Planner
Michelle Thomas