Building Stronger Businesses for 2021 and Beyond


BUILDING STRONGER BUSINESSES FOR 2021 AND BEYOND is a three-part training series designed to assist local businesses competing today and in tomorrow’s post-pandemic economy. Through this series, East Central Regional Development Commission (ECRDC), in partnership with the Small Business Development Center and the Women’s Business Alliance, deliver solutions addressing current hot topics essential to business success.

Essential Marketing for Today’s Business is the 1st of 3 workshops in this training series. It delivers expert insights and guidance to help showcase free and low-cost marketing tools, develop current marketing approaches, create plans that reflect individual business needs and prepare for future marketing trends.



Finders Keepers: What You Can Do to Find and Keep Employees is the  2nd of 3 in our series. In this webinar, a look at regional statistics gives an understanding of what is happening with employment demand and labor force participation, our region’s labor shed, and how to interpret unemployment statistics. This session also focuses on current strategies to find and hire the right people, how to build a team that is effective, what businesses can do to create a company culture that keeps employees long-term, and where to look for untapped labor pools.

Smart Strategies: Understanding Your Business Finances is the 3rd of 3 in our business training series. Learn smart strategies that make managing a business easier. We will review how to read and interpret key financial statements – including the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Cash Flow Statement – and how to use financial statements to set growth goals.