Free Child Care Provider Training Series


Turn one of the most rewarding jobs into a great business!

Online sessions offered at no cost

  • April 21 & 28
    Start Up Boot Camp – 2 sessions
    6:30-8:30pm Click here to register: Event ID: 376792

    Starting and running a successful child care business
    Learn the skills needed to refine your child care business idea, manage finances, develop a budget, create a marketing plan, and identify policies for a sustainable and growing business.
  • May 12
    Business Management For Your Center
    9:00-11:00am Click here to register: Event ID: 376880

    Learn how to effectively implement policies, procedures, and systems for your child care center that support stable program operations. Organize and create a standard policies and procedures manual.
  • May 17
    Precision Pricing For Family Child Care
    6:30-8:30pm Event ID: 376877

    Explore the current state of child care and factors that contribute to child care business challenges. Complete a Strengths/Opportunities/Aspirations/Results (SOAR) analysis, understand the process for pricing your business services, and identify strategies to increase your business acumen.

TO REGISTER: Use the Event ID here:
Additional one-on-one assistance is available at no charge for providers.

Michelle Thomas
| Economic Resiliency Coordinator
Office: 320/679.4065, ext 34

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